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SPI CLK == Cerbuino or Netduino D13 => J9-Pin 7 on CC3000Boost => J4-Pin 12 on CC3000EM

SPI Data1 == Cerbuino or Netduino D12 => J10-Pin 7 on CC3000Boost => J4-Pin 9 on CC3000EM

SPI Data2 == Cerbuino or Netduino D11 => J10-Pin 6 on CC3000Boost => J4-Pin 11 on CC3000EM

SPI Chip Select == Cerbuino or Netduino D4 => J10-Pin 3 on CC3000Boost => J4-Pin 8 on CC3000EM

Wifi Power Enable == Cerbuino or Netduino D5 => J9-Pin 2  on CC3000Boost => J5-Pin 5 on CC3000EM

Interrupt == Cerbuino or Netduino D6 => J10-Pin 2 on CC3000Boost => J4-Pin 10 on CC3000EM


For CC3000EM ONLY (Boost uses a dedicated Power adapter):

Ground => J4-Pin 7 and J5-Pin 10

3.3V DC Power (you may need an external supply to provide enough current) => J5-Pin 8  


CC3000EM jumpers: J3 should always have a jumper.  J2 should always be user mode, jumper on 2-3


CC3000Boost jumpers: J2 should be 2-3, J13 should be 2-3, J15 should have a jumper

 Netduino Plus 2 and the CC3000EM:


 CerbuinoBee and the CC3000Boost:


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Darlington Jan 29, 2014 at 1:35 PM 
Just got my CC300 break out board from Adafruit, Connected it to an Netduino (v1) - tried running any of the samples but it won't run keep trowing up error in CC3000Driver constructor where the SPI was Initialized,

However, I created a new project, ref the cc300 library, and then
at time it will connect to my WiFi but can't send any data, but most times an exception is thrown randomly

Q: is there an known issue with running the Library on Netduino (v1)